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We continue to work closely and tirelessly together to assimilate and integrate our companies and cultures, solidifying and defining “OSS.” In fact, “OSS” is a powerful mix of the solid Oil & Gas industry reputation for outstanding product quality and reliability, and service excellence with the technology and customer-focus of legacy O&G companies. Supporting this structure are vastly talented and skilled people with many years of oilfield experience.

Our collective vision among the three operating segments is to continually solidify the OSS reputation as the invaluable partner to our customers. Fortunately for OSS, even at 10 years old, take on leading industry innovation or refine internal practices to better respond to customer requirements.

OSS continues with an unyielding focus on the future and a commitment to increase all our global opportunities. We acknowledge the current oil and gas environment is both challenging and volatile; however, the skill and persistence of OSS people and our increased capability to deliver enhanced solutions and performance that positively impacts the customer bottom line, will ultimately triumph. OSS preserves and fosters the highest quality standards and efficient service for our customers.

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